Tuesday, December 13, 2016

First trip : Shenandoah, Virginia.

This was our very first roadtrip together and I tell ya it was one of the most greatest things I've ever done in my life. To be together, rely and believe people you only call as friends and get to grow closer just like a family when you do not even tied by any blood connection. We went hiking in Shenandoah, Virginia and honestly it was tiring like hell but still, to get to see friends waiting and relying on each other will always be one of the sweetest things ever to see in my life. We even sat in the middle of the track tho lel haha.

We planned for a two-day-trip and to just go back on the day after. At that night, we had KFC for our dinner in Shenandoah (I should remember how much I am missing my KFC while living here) you can count how many KFCs that provide halal chicken blergh. While eating, one of us voiced out "weh jom pergi Pennsylvania" we're like "whaaaatttttt tetiba je like a big NO sorryy" then all of sudden everyone was like "hm but it sounds like a good idea. bila lagi ken" then we called the cars' owner since we rented the car just for two or three days and they were like (I forgot what did they respond but things were not easy). But at last, we finally made it to Penssylvania, visiting our friends there. How excited we were oh man! Bestnya tidur dalam kereta ops. Btw sebelum ke Pennsyl tu we sent our friends balik rumah dulu since they have another plan lepastu kitorang patah balik pergi Penssylvania melalui Shenandoah (balik).

So basically from Shenandoah to Alexandria (rumah kami) is a 2-hour trip then Alexandria to Penssylvania is a 4-hour-trip. Kerja gila kan? I never think that it would be possible without these nuts hahahah. Btw Alhamdulillah.

Satu kekurangan pergi roadtrip ni adalah bila kau balik je roadtrip, kau tak boleh nak move on and mentally and physically down for classes mungkin sebab it was my first time jugak kot. Kau akan terbang di awang-awangan in the first week of school lol. I was down like crazy at that time haha lepastu cam serik sikit nak roadtrip masa cuti tengah semester :p

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