Sunday, November 6, 2016

6 November 2016

Have been writing a post about my first trip ever in the US since a few weeks ago but I have no time to edit the entry and publish. It's quite a long post act. Tapi nanti lah.

Btw, have you ever (to anyone who crossed by this blog secara sengaja ataupun tak, jawab je dalam hati) :p have this kinda feeling? Rasa macam kosong sangat macam homesick and like sedih pun ada sikit tapi taktahu kenapa hahahahah because I'm having that rite now. Haih idk lah.

So currently, I'm in my third semester and insyaallah another semester left before transferring to the uni. I'm hoping that everything will be well. So, for my third semester, ada few weeks left and these last few weeks will absolutely be the most hectic'est' of the hectic weeks hahaha. Finals and everything you know that aite. But relax, kitkat kan ade :D

So sebagai tips, for this kind of situation, nothing else We can do except to pray to Allah semoga semuanya dipermudahkan. Benda susah mana pun, kita sibuk mana pun, dengan izin Dia, kita akan rasa tenang je :')


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