Monday, July 10, 2017


People change. I started to learn about this reality in my late teenage years (not realising that I am almost 21 years old this year lol). It wasn't easy for me to accept this fact. I keep asking myself why this and that person has changed? Why doesn't this person do what they usually do? Why some people choose not to be as close to me as they were before? Ended up, I started being someone else, someone who I THINK people will like. Hm those days.....

Growing up, I started to realize, in certain cases, we do need to change ourselves. But I prefer using "improving ourselves" or "adapting ourselves". Not just to please others, but to also please ourselves. Do you think you will be happy to go somewhere being your-so-called-self when people around you are not pleased with your presence? Contohnya macam pakai baju renang pergi majlis formal oh too much hyperbolic here. So, even if you wear a swimming suit on your daily basis pun, you still need to change bila nak pergi majlis formal. Does this make sense? hahaha

Anyway, to grow up, to be better, to improve ourselves, we do need to change.

I mean, as I grow up, I stopped waking up all night, just to think why certain people has changed. They may change if they are pleased to do so, I have no right to control everyone and make them the same exact person as they were. Some changes will even make our friendship different, and I need to accept that. I will try to appreciate everyone I have in my life (even though I know I will never be able to please all people), but if they still need to get out of my circle, they may leave. I have no power to control others, I might not be as good to be in their lives, or God might take them away from my life for some better reasons.

People may change, I do change too. I sometimes change upon my gain. I sometimes change upon my loss.  I act differently depends on who I am around. I change for various reasons. and I believe no one have the right to blame me for my change, and I do not have the right to blame anyone for their changes.

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